Our team, consisting of eight men in their prime, was determined to win! And we started, we are generally quite good! In the first race, we on our charter boat overtook most of the sports yachts, which also started five minutes earlier and became the only ones in their group who met the control time of the race! If you look at the finish table, only two of the sports boats could go the distance faster than us! That is, we were the third from the entire fleet!

It was an enchanting start! But as it turned out, it is still early to drink champagne, we have a fast boat, but with a high score, and although we came in quite well, we were constantly recounted and the first final place was a very big question!

And in the penultimate race there was an incident at all, just before the finish the wind ended and we just stopped! And behind our rivals, with gusts of wind! The finish whistle sounded, we are the fifth! This is a failure! But the victory was so close! We went to the marina with heads bowed, because we already had one foot, for the first time in our life we ​​stood on top of the podium abroad!

In the morning I didn’t light up before dawn, my nerves were on the edge, I don’t feel like sleeping!

We go out to the start almost in silence, everyone is going through and in his head they are calculating various options and do we have a chance to win?
But it is possible only under one condition, if we are the first, and our opponent takes the third place below!
And here is the starting signal and we rushed the distance! They took a very good start and took the lead, but our opponent is also not weak, he is on his heels! And then the wind begins to change and we twist around the corner, and the opponent stubbornly goes on the same tack! And lo and behold, our efforts are tremendously successful and we arrive first, beating the boat following us by 7 minutes in 58 minutes of the race! This is a victory, but only in this race, but when we look back, we see that our opponent fell into the wind shadow and slid to fifth place!

Our efforts were a success! This is the first victory abroad!
Nice to see Ukraine in the first place!

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